DND Cyprus Supports Famagusta Municipality Shelter's Operating Theater

DND Cyprus sponsored the creation of the infrastructure of the operating room at the Famagusta Municipality Dog Shelter and Rehabilitation Center within the scope of the “Solidarity Will Heal Famagusta” project.


DND Cyprus Founder and Chairman of the Board Ozan Dökmecioğlu and Famagusta Mayor Dr. Süleyman Uluçay met in May to discuss the details on the issue. Uluçay thanked Ozan Dökmecioğlu, underlining the importance of DND Cyprus’ support at a time when the municipality was in a difficult situation. Ozan Dökmecioğlu, the son of Necdet Dökmecioğlu, one of the former mayors of Famagusta Municipality, stated that no power can stand in the way of working as a team and that we are in a time when everyone should take responsibility. Stating that they are proud to make this contribution, Dökmecioğlu said, “Contributing to the welfare of all living things is the responsibility of society members and us. As DND Cyprus, we care about animal welfare. Therefore, we support the municipality’s efforts to create a safe and healthy environment for the public. “We invite other institutions and organizations to serve this purpose.” said.

Once the shelter’s operating room is improved in terms of both infrastructure and equipment, sterilization efforts for stray dogs will begin. The operating room will have the capacity to perform 3-4 sterilization procedures per day. Sterilization efforts will be accelerated with teams coming from Switzerland and Mexico. The aim is to register owned dogs through chipping processes and to control the number of dogs on the streets through neutering efforts.

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