DND Cyprus Launches La Joya Perla Residences & Beach Resort

DND Cyprus, founded by Ozan Dökmecioğlu in our country in the first half of 2023 after its successful activities in the construction sector in America, quickly stepped into the Northern Cyprus real estate sector with the slogan “American quality is now in Cyprus with DND”.

DND Cyprus has launched its fourth project, La Joya Perla Residences & Beach Resort, for sale as of November 1, 2023. La Joya Perla, which will truly take luxury life in Northern Cyprus to the next level, will be built in the Bahçeler area in Iskele.

The construction of La Joya Perla will start in May 2024, and turnkey delivery will take place in November 2026. The project, which consists of a total of 384 residences, will include 2+1, 1+1 and studio type luxury apartments. Aiming to offer a life where every day feels like a holiday, La Joya Perla will include elements that will add happiness to life, as well as the needs of both adults and children.

DND Cyprus Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors Ozan Dökmecioğlu said, “As DND, we are pleased to offer for sale our prestigious housing project, La Joya Perla Residences & Beach Club, conveniently located in Bahçeler, İskele, as our fourth project in Northern Cyprus in a short time. We hear. “We promise a luxurious and comfortable life all year round in our exclusive complex consisting of 384 two-storey units, which stands out with its extraordinary design, facilities and location.”

Ozan Dökmecioğlu, “Amerikan kalitesi ve lüksüne olan bağlılığımız La Joya Perla Residences & Beach Club‘ın her detayında kendini göstermektedir. Ozan Dökmecioğlu said, “Our commitment to American quality and luxury is evident in every detail of La Joya Perla Residences & Beach Club. DND moves forward with the mission of being a trendsetter in both the USA and Northern Cyprus, and we plan our projects to add value not only to homeowners but also to local people and businesses. First, we design sustainable, environmentally friendly projects in accordance with the regional and climatic conditions by conducting serious and scientific research, analyzing trends. “In addition, we design our projects by anticipating not only the current needs of homeowners, but also the needs that they are not yet aware of,” he said.

DND Chairman of the Board of Directors Ozan Dökmecioğlu also underlined that since the majority of customers are of foreign origin, as a company, they attach great importance to the island, the Cypriot culture and its integration with the Cypriot people and that they will play a very strong role in this regard.

Many amenities focused on comfort and pleasure for both adults and children will be included in this special project, which will be built on a land area of 25 thousand square meters, at La Joya Perla. In La Joya Perla; Open-air cinema, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, pool bar, aqua park, basketball court and tennis court, mini market, spa and gym, unisex hairdresser, children’s playgrounds specially designed to increase creativity and kid’s club. A lifestyle with a holiday atmosphere and hotel comfort will be offered.

Providing information about the prominent features of the La Joya Perla Residences project, which will be implemented by DND North Cyprus and consist of 384 residences as villa-like apartments in two-storey blocks, DND North Cyprus Director and Founding Partner Aynur Zorba Güloğlu said, “In many projects, it is optional or at an additional fee. Facilities such as smart home systems and underfloor heating are offered as standard in our projects. In addition to using technology at the highest level to facilitate human life, as one of the elements that reveal DND North Cyprus’ sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative approach, we will be offering beach-like pools in our La Joya Perla project, a first in the Iskele region. While all of the residences on the upper floor will have a sea view, the residences on the ground floor will have a unique ambiance, as if they are located on a beach, with a natural beach-like pool. “As another important opportunity, La Joya Beach Club, which we will launch 700 meters away from the project, will offer pleasure and comfort-oriented service to all our residents,” he said.

Housing prices in the La Joya Perla Residences project start from 89,900 GBP as a launch special. Great convenience will be provided to buyers with different payment options and a payment plan extending up to 3 years after the completion of the construction, up to a total of 6 years.

​DND was founded in 2017 in Boston, USA, as a company operating in the field of real estate housing development. It has achieved significant growth in a short time and has become a respected and well-known real estate development company in the Boston area. Ozan Dökmecioğlu, who set out to carry the success achieved in America to his hometown where he was born and raised, founded DND North Cyprus in 2023. DND North Cyprus company, which has a rapid sales chart in the projects it has opened, is currently in the İskele Bahçeler region; There are La Joya projects with 74 houses, La Joya Azul with 160 houses and La Joya Perla projects with 384 houses. In addition to these projects, a project called Ulivo, consisting of 8 luxury segment Mediterranean type villas in Ozanköy, was recently put up for sale.

Aiming to stand out with significant investments in Northern Cyprus, DND has accelerated its work on projects that will contribute to the country’s economy.

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